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Welcome to my pole camp!!! With the best, hottest and most popular instructors, endless parties and family atmosphere!!

Alex Pole Camp 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and Alex Pole Camp 2019 were absolutely amazing! We have created FIVE summers of fun, pole, acro, dance, parties and cinema that stayed with us forever in memories, pictures and, of course, new friendships!

I want to say that I am very sorry that we couldn`t host everybody who wanted, because I created this camp for you to learn and relax, not to strip you off your money. So if you want to join us this year, please, book your spot now!

Last years were a blast. Thank you for joining us in celebrating our anniversary in 2019. Everybody had fun – our guests, our instructors even we, ourselves, the organizers. I am extremely happy that our gueststook home not only new tricks, combos, pole goodies and memories, but also that our camp started many tender and honest friendships, gave inspiration for our girls to perform, to do photoshoots, to teach and even LOVE.

I have been teaching in a lot of pole camps around the world, small ones, big ones, on dance expos, during pole festivals. So creating my own camp I gathered all my experience to make something I, personally, would like to attend. I am not saying that this is the perfect pole camp. No. But this the perfect camp as I see it. Why?

1. I chose instructors very carefully. They have to be not only strong, flexible and popular, but also good teachers. This means that they know how to work with every level, how to give maximum attention to every client and how to create a good program of classes that won`t overload your brain with tricks, but will teach you how to do each and every one of them. Also a very important criteria for me was personal charisma of the instructors, And I guarantee you that all of them are open, nice and fun! 

2. I created the schedule myself. I don`t want you to have 10 hours of pole every day. Fist of all, because you will get tired. It would get difficult for you to concentrate with such amount of new information, it is physically and mentally exhausting. My aim is that after this camp you actually learn and remember something, not that it rushes through your brain as a blur of tricks, combos and bruises. I was trying to find the right balance between teaching, pole, dance, parties and relaxation.

3. I don`t want to divide groups by levels. This is my personal position and I have it this way in my school in Kiev. When you gather students from different countries it is very difficult to understand their criteria of levels. For someone it is the beginners`, for the others - the super advanced. Instead I am offering my method of teaching - every trick has million ways of execution. I start teaching from the easiest one and we get to the hardest one. This way the beginner students learn the basics, but still see what they should gain in the final - in a month, year, two years. The advanced students can use easier versions in the combos while performing, for training strength and for teaching at their own

4. I believe the difference between good pole dancer and great pole dancer is that great pole dancer can dance. On the pole and between the poles. So we will pay a lot of attention to developing your dancing skills in all dance styles - modern, contemporary, sexy, jazz funk.

5. We won`t have a lot of people in the camp. I want you to meet each other, learn together, party together, make new friends, share your experiences, get to know each other and your instructors. However there will be two people per pole, because from my experience it`s much easier and faster way to learn during workshops. Your partner can support you, and still because a lot of new and harder tricks and combos are given - you won`t be able to repeat them from the start. When you are learning a routine and are divided into groups, you get some time to rest and watch your friends to remember the moves faster and understand your mistakes. 

6.  Choosing hotel and creating packages I tried to take care of everything you might need during your stay. You won`t have to take care of breakfasts and dinners, the beach is 15 minutes pleasant walk from the hotel, hotel has three pools, SPA and gym. We took care of your parties and will have additional offers if you want more! Last years we all went to Barcelona to amazing studio with flying poles, to Boat Party around Costa Brava, explored Dali castles and museums, found professional workout playground on the beach and, of course, explored Barcelona. This year we will go to Acrobatic centre.

I want you to get new experiences, new friends, new tricks and dance combos, a lot of amazing photos and little surprises and presents from us! My camp is for you to create the most important that we have in out life - happy memories! But be ready that you are going to cry A LOT…. When saying good bye to us and your new family))))

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Can`t wait to see you all here, in Spain – one of the most popular party destinations in the world!



Alex Pole Camp 2015 LLoret de mar,Barcelona

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25.05.2020 - 14.06.2020